Transport infrastructure comprises the basic physical facilities and installations necessary for the operation of road, rail, civil aviation, inland waterways and shipping. In the case of ecomobility, it includes cycleways, pavements and public transport infrastructure. In all cases, accessibility for all is required, without obstructions.

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The Time Is Ripe – Parking Must Cost

The New Bremen Politics of Parking The newly-elected Bremen coalition government has agreed ambitious changes to transport policy, and placed them at the forefront of the coalition agreement (Draft Agreement on Cooperation in a Government Coalition for Bremen, 2019-2023), hereafter referred to as the "Koa Treaty".  Meanwhile this draft has been approved internally by all parties of the coalition and it will thus be put into effect by the coalition parties in the near future. At the same...


A Never-Ending Story

The never-ending story about the illegally parked car of the key cutting company in Bremen’s Wachmannstraße rumbles on. Little has changed since...

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