Transforming the transport landscape. It requires a move away from the male-dominated transport professions, and an embrace of other perspectives. To achieve a just transport transition, citizens need to actively use the tools of a democratic society.

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Politicians Moved to Address Sielwall

Sielwall - young men with overly-souped up cars race through it, and local politicians are finally seeing this as the danger that it is. Now the Sielwall and all four roads which lead to the so-called Sielwalleck are to be closed to car traffic up to 80 metres in each direction on weekend nights, thus eliminating through traffic. This is good. But instead of just closing short stretches of road temporarily, the Sielwalleck and the Sielwall need to be reconsidered and redesigned, for every...

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Three Steps Forward

Where now for the Bremen Bündnis für die Verkehrswende? Last month’s packed Car Parking conference certainly generated significant media...