Guerilla action or a “city for people”?

by | Sep 22 2019

Europe-wide Parking Day in Bremen, Germany

“A city for people” – for three hours reality in Bremen’s Neustadt.

This happened on the 15th Parking Day as part of the European Mobility Week in Friedrich-Ebert-Straße in Bremen after the super demo against climate change of “Fridays for Future” in the city centre with more than 30,000 participants (not bad for a city of 550.000!):

More space for cyclists and pedestrians for 3 hours, Foto: Fino Terreno

On Friday, 20 September 2019, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, along house numbers 1 to 63, the Bremen Bündnis Verkehrswende (Transport Transition Alliance) created a piece of town worth living in: One of two car lanes was converted at short notice into a protected cycle lane, the parking spaces mutated into urban mini gardens or were converted into living rooms and playrooms, and the footpath was extended by the cycle path.

The Bündnis Verkehrswende has thus shown what public spaces can look like for everyone: Pedestrians were able to move easily along the footpath, pram and wheelchair users passed unhindered, and cyclists had space on the road without being endangered by cars.

Around 450 participants and several hundred cyclists enjoyed the spatial freedom.

Bremen Bündnis Verkehrwende: ADFC, Car-free StadTraum e.V., BUND, Einfach Einsteigen, Fuss e.V. and VCD,

Cambio Carsharing supported the Parking Day


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