Urban Development

Transport infrastructure comprises the basic physical facilities and installations necessary for the operation of road, rail, civil aviation, inland waterways and shipping. In the case of ecomobility, it includes cycleways, pavements and public transport infrastructure. In all cases, accessibility for all is required, without obstructions.

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After Corona – The future of public space

The shock of Corona in recent history is only comparable to the attacks of September 11, 2001. In both cases new rules and state powers were established almost overnight. This time it is not a question of fighting terrorism, but of preventing epidemics. But this time, too, almost all areas of public and private life are affected. The Corona crisis will have a particular impact on the future design and use of public space. Because of the need to protect against infection, it is likely that...

Traffic Rights

Reinhard Loske

„Give cyclists clear advantages over cars“. That is probably the essence of ex-Bremen transport senator  Reinhard Loske’s  transport policy...

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