Park(ing) Day in Neustadt

by | Sep 7 2017



Park(ing) Day in Bremer Neustadt, Buntentorsteinweg on 15 September 2017 from 14:00 – 17:00 hrs.

Help us convert a few on-street parking spaces to a green oasis or a living room. Come along for a snack of coffee and cake, for a game of chess, for discovering our street surroundings through our children, for sunbathing or in a rain shower, for home improvement, for playing Kubb, for hot political discussions and cool drinks.

Park (ing) Day” is an annual international action day for the redevelopment of our inner cities. Parking spaces in public streets are re-modelled and used differently. In 2009, a short-term initiative in New York found so much appeal that part of Times Square was permanently transformed into a pedestrian zone.

The VCD will secure some free parking spaces for the day, whilst on the opposite side of the road the ADFC will be pushing for improved cycle path provision in Buntentorsteinweg.

Buntentorsteinweg – could do much more for pedestrians and cyclists

If you would like to participate on the 15th, you are kindly asked to bring some furniture, a game, coffee and biscuits, a floor lamp, a potted flower, a carpet or the like. The door is open to your imagination (to answer one enquiry: yes, even a home sauna could be quite popular, if you can work out how to transport…).



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