“Ecomobility” is the term for the green alternative to the automobile-dominated transport systems and mobility patterns in our cities.  “Ecomobility..denotes the entirety of walking, cycling and wheeling, and ‘passenging’, i.e., using public transport. Car sharing may fall under ecomobility, provided cars are small, light city vehicles powered by renewable energy.” 


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A Vote For Cycling?

After this week’s Buten un Binnen Wahl Lokal broadcast failed to address the self-proclaimed second most important issue in the forthcoming...

Seeing Red

 Bremen’s tortuous route to something resembling a Cycling City took another step forward this month with the re-surfacing of the oft-plagued...

Kids or Cars?

 (Click on CC to choose English subtitles) The hilarious everyday experience of transport campaigns in Bremen (an extract) - Temporary play...

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