Dear Bremen, give us space to keep our distance. Love, your inhabitants

by | Apr 17 2020

Good morning Bremen! Covid-19 has been dominating our lives for a few months now,  and since 22nd March 2020 you told us to go into lock-down

This is what you want us to do , you just extended it to 3rd May and you are also threatening us with harsh fines, if we don’t stick to the rules.

No chance for any distance. (Foto: Beatrix Wupperman)

But sorry, there is a tiny problem, (we told you already). In our streets all the distance we are supposed to keep is not possible. Why?  There are too many parked cars, and not enough space for pedestrians and cyclists on the road.

No space on Bremen’s roads? Oh yes, but not for us! (Foto: Dieter Mazur)

It’s not as if this is something out of the ordinary, dear Bremen.  You would not be alone in this, there are loads of cities already on their way. Have a look:


Also possible: Friedrich-Ebert-Straße with a new design: Protected Bike Lane, parking spaces in different use, loads of space for pedestrians

Edinburgh, Scotland:


Oakland, California




New York



What do our NGOs say?

ADFC Bremen (Bremen Cycling Association)

  • Buten un Binnen

ADFC Bundesverband (German cycling association):

Friends of the Earth in Bremen (BUND Bremen) wants a car free inner city now:

FUSS e.V. (Pedestrians’ association) und ADFC Bremen:

There is a lot of work to do, but wouldn’t it be worth for us, for your citizens?


  1. Tina Rutschkow

    Das Bild ist ein schönes Beispiel, warum ein Fahrradstreifen sinnlos ist. Kein einziges Fahrrad auf dem Streifen, dafür Stau auf der jetzt viel zu schmalen Durchgangsstraße.

    Jetzt die Krise für ideologische Ziele zu missbrauchen ist echt nicht mehr geil.

    • Beatrix Wupperman

      Liebe Tina Rutschkow, guter Hinweis, ich habe jetzt ein Foto eingestellt, das wenige Minuten später, nach Freigabe der Fahrradspur, aufgenommen wurden. Geiler?


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